Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?

WHO Hand Washing Chart

Is hand washing as simple to use as just wetting your hands, putting out some soap, and rubbing it around? According to science, you may be washing your hands incorrectly. A study conducted using 120 participants had 50% of those participants use a specific hand washing routine developed by the CDC. The other half was given specific hand washing instructions by the World Health Organization.

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Do Hand Dryers Just Blow Around Germs?

Cold & Flu Bacteria & Germs

Cold & Flu Bacteria & GermsHere’s something we don’t think much about. You go into a restroom, use the bathroom, then wash your hands. Depending on where you are, the restroom might have traditional paper towels to dry your hands, or they may have converted to electric hand dryers. While you may be more familiar with the weak past hand dryers that are more like blow dryers on low softly blowing lukewarm air on your hands (and never getting them dry), more high-tech approaches involve brands like Dyson that use much higher speed gusts of air to help dry your hands. While the good news is that this approach seems to help the environment and cuts down on paper waste, there’s also some bad news to go with it. Continue reading “Do Hand Dryers Just Blow Around Germs?”