Your computer probably isn’t as clean as you think

Hands on a Tablet

When you start working at your computer, whether it’s at home or at work, the first thing you do is probably not wash your hands. You probably grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a snack, and then you get to work. If you work in an environment where you share a computer with another person or multiple people, think about all of the hands that touch that computer too. Germs can come from along a commute, from food, from sickness… From anywhere, really. Continue reading “Your computer probably isn’t as clean as you think”

How much does air quality affect your thinking?

Hot Air Balloon

Recently, we read an interview with professor Joe Allen about air quality, especially in regards to air quality within the office. It’s often that architects try to seal up all holes inside of a building when they are making it, which makes sense given you wouldn’t want the outside elements coming in on your new building. However, research shows that air quality and air flow can impact workers’ abilities to function.

Continue reading “How much does air quality affect your thinking?”