Office Building Maintenance New England

Your Work Space Needs to Work for You

Sometimes you only need a hole patched, squeaky door greased, or a light switch replaced.  Other times you may need an office built out or a remodel.  In any case, our certified and licensed maintenance professionals are here to help you get your office or facility interiors operating to your unique specifications.

EcoSource provides maintenance and handyman services for commercial buildings in Boston, Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Get your office repair and maintenance to do list ready and call 603-685-4674 or request a quote today!

Commercial Handyman Services New England

Buildings Need to Be Maintained

In New England, we experience all types of weather – sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Yes, it gets really cold too. These conditions can take a toll on the exterior of your buildings and track in dirt and grime that deteriorate the interiors (clean your carpets!) if not properly maintained.

EcoSource provides professional building maintenance services for all types of buildings including commercial offices, schools, hospitals, government facilities, manufacturing and corporate headquarters. Servicing Boston, Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Smart building owners and property managers know how to protect their investment, keep their buildings full and tenants happy. Get the same results and request a quote today!


Pressure Washing Building Exteriors and Manufacturing Equipment for Life

Equipment Power Washing Service

Moss and other plant matter breaks down rocks in nature – imagine how easily it chews through your soft concrete if left to it’s own devices. Dirty exterior equipment such as air conditioning, solar panels and light fixtures work less efficiently and break down faster as they work harder or overheat.

It’s no different in the production facility – EcoSource can pressure wash manufacturing equipment and factory floors for scheduled cleaning or in preparation for a floor resurfacing. Add to it that it just looks bad, now you have no reason to not have us come out and pressure wash your your entire location.

You can get that taken care of by scheduling a site survey today!



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