Massachusetts Cleaning Franchises & What You Should Know

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Did you know?

Until a few years ago, about 30% of commercial cleaning services in the New England area were being provided by franchised cleaning services and franchise cleaning operations. Changes in the Massachusetts labor laws forced cleaning franchise companies that were previously doing commercial cleaning out of the subcontract cleaning market.

Individuals looking to seek out jobs or work in the cleaning industry may not be aware of the changes in the Massachusetts labor law. There have been lawsuits and arguments where franchisees can or cannot be considered employees by their master company. In Massachusetts, cleaning franchises, specifically, are structured differently than a franchise in another state. Franchisees are considered employees under the Massachusetts labor law, and therefore it can make operating a traditional cleaning franchise difficult, since the law is different than the rest of the states in the country.

EcoSource is a specialty cleaning provider. We are not a cleaning franchise, but we work off of a hybrid business model where we utilize best business practices of a cleaning franchise model as well as the best business practices of a subcontract cleaning model. Because of this, we can operate in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. If you are looking for employment in the cleaning industry, we can help.

Want to work for EcoSource?

At EcoSource, we are growing rapidly and have work opportunities as follows:

  1. As an EcoSource employee at any of our offices,
  2. As a team member working for a Preferred Vendor
  3. As a Preferred Vendor leading a team of cleaners.

As an EcoSource Preferred Vendor, you will abide by our standards and participate in our certification program. In turn, we will provide you with customers who want your services! How can you become a preferred vendor? It’s easy! Contact us today.

If you would like to view current openings for employment at an EcoSource office, please visit our Jobs tab on our Facebook page.

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