Unexpected Places Mold May Be Lurking In Your Home

Mold in a Petri Dish

We’re all used to seeing mold in poorly ventilated bathrooms, in drywall and insulation after a flood, and in basements. We know that mold enjoys damp, poorly ventilated areas and it can do harm to you and your family if left unchecked. Mold can crop up anywhere, though, and some of these places mold may be hiding might surprise you!

1. Refrigerator and Washing Machine Drip pans

If these pans are doing their job, chances are they might be a little moist and wet. This is the perfect environment for mold to grow… especially because we don’t see it! Make sure to check your drip pans at least once a year. Make it part of your spring cleaning ritual to take your drip pan out and clean it with a hose, then let it dry out in the sunlight.

2. Washing Machines

You might not think of this, but mold can and will grow around washing machines, specifically on the gaskets of front loading washing machines. Rubber, just like silicone in bathrooms, can get moldy and need to be cleaned out or replaced all together. Keep an eye on your front loaders to make sure they’re not growing mold!

3. Windows

If you have windows and a humid house, chances are you can see when mold starts growing on the sills. But you should also be checking the seals to make sure they’re not molding, too. Seals need to be replaced from time to time because it both keeps moisture in and also out. A perfect place for mold to grow!

4. Chimneys

This one may be a huge surprise to you. How can some place that often has heat and fire going through it grow mold? Bricks often retain moisture, and the cracks and crevasses of brick make it easy for mold to start. It’s dark in a chimney, and when a faulty cap allows rain or snow in, well, mold can quickly grow and flourish. If you have a chimney, you should make calling a chimney sweep a yearly ritual.

What are some of the most surprising places you’ve found mold? Let us know in the comments below!

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