How EcoSource Improves Indoor Air Quality

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In recent years, concerns about the quality of the environment inside buildings have increased dramatically. Because we often share office spaces with people other than ourselves, indoor air quality is important to our employees. While many have studied and discussed the problem, EcoSource is actively leading the way towards taking action. EcoSource has developed a comprehensive “Green Cleaning Program” designed specifically to improve the indoor environment through indoor air quality.

Traditionally, most cleaning has been directed towards appearance. If it looks clean, it must be healthy too, right? EcoSource takes additional steps of green cleaning for health.

EcoSource Improves Indoor Air Quality by:

  • Using state-of-the-art vacuum filtration technology to remove harmful particles you can’t see
  • Cleaning with the most environmentally friendly chemicals available
  • Eliminating most use of volatile compounds
  • Using quality disinfectants that effectively kill germs and clean
  • Installing engineered matting system to stop particulates from entering the building
  • Eliminating the use of aerosols that vaporize into the air
  • Cleaning and maintaining carpeted areas in ways that help prevent resoiling and the spread of contaminants
  • Utilizing dust control systems with all floor maintenance equipment
  • Dusting with unique electro-statically charged wipers that remove dust instead of just moving it around
  • Cleaning inside air handling systems where harmful organisms accumulate and can breed
  • Altering cleaning techniques to focus on the things you can’t see that affect the air you breathe everyday
  • Consulting with building management on other changes within the building that will create a healthier work environment

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