What is Green Cleaning?

Environmentally Friendly

Here at EcoSource, we subscribe to the thought process of green cleaning. You may have heard of the term before, but you might be wondering, what exactly is green cleaning? What makes a company green versus a company that is not green? We’ve got answers for you!

Green Cleaning Is…

Green cleaning uses more environmentally friendly products to produce the same results — or better — when cleaning with traditionally harmful cleaning chemicals. That means that the products we choose to clean with are less toxic for our workers, less toxic for our customers, and less toxic for the environment. That sounds like a win!

When we use green cleaning, we don’t just stop at using less harmful chemicals. We also use less harmful products for our environment as well, which may mean eliminating or reducing plastic or paper waste, recycling, or other methods. We focus on an all-around green cleaning experience that you can take pride in.

Why go green?

When your office is cleaned, whether it’s daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly, think about how many times cleaning actually occurs. If it’s weekly, that’s 4 times a month. If it’s daily, that’s 30-31 times a month, 365 days a year! Since we are constantly cleaning surfaces and more for our customers, our cleaners come into contact with chemicals on a daily basis, and many of our customers do, too. Why take a risk with chemicals that can cause respiratory problems, asthma, or even have been known to cause cancer? Don’t we have enough to worry about with cell phones and computers, should we really worry about our cleaning products causing us harm too?

Going green is an excellent cleaning choice when you want to provide a healthy work environment and improve productivity. You have a recycling bin in your break room, and you’ve switched from paper towels to hand dryers… Why not go green with your cleaning too?

The impact we make on this Earth is far more lasting than we may know in our own lifetime. Years ago we were using products that contained CFCs, until we learned the collective use of them were depleting our protective ozone layer. If you can contribute directly to reducing your impact on the environment, even with little to no effort on your part, wouldn’t you?

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