Flu Season and COVID-19 Collide

Child receiving a vaccination

For months we’ve been told to wear masks, wash our hands, and socially distance. As the flu season approaches, those practices have never been more crucial. On the bright side, preventing the spread of one disease helps prevent the spread of the other. These tips for the flu season are just as applicable for fighting COVID-19 as they are for the flu.


The best preventative for the flu is still the flu vaccine and with no current vaccine for COVID-19 it is even more important to help cut down on the potential for a double illness. 

Prevention in the Office

One upside of social distancing is that germ-filled handshakes are practically a thing of the past. However, if you’re working in an office, you will still have other people around and maintaining a safe workspace is of utmost importance. There are lots of ways to prevent the spread of illness at work. Cleaning and disinfecting regularly used items like computers, keyboards, and mice goes a long way towards preventing the spread of germs.

Common office items like light switches, door handles, and copiers as well as common areas like breakrooms and bathrooms should be regularly cleaned and disinfected on a schedule.  

Clean Habits

Hand washing and drying gain even more importance as an effective way to cut down on the spread of both flu and COVID-19. Remember that hand sanitizer is nice, but it is not a replacement for hand washing. Don’t fall victim to germ avoidance fails. Wash your hands often.

Prevention at Home

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you’re not surrounded by potential germs. Follow a lot of the same cleaning practices as you do at work to stay illness-free. This is especially important if someone in your house is home sick with the flu.

Just a little attention to your health and environment can go a long way to keeping you safe.

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