Cleaning & Preparing for the Holidays during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Whether you’re leaving for a long vacation from work or looking to prep your home for some safe holiday celebrations, chances are you’re going to need to do a little cleaning before you start or after you’re done (and you come back to work). Here are some great tips to help you combat the COVID-19 pandemic and keep your home or office as free of the virus as you can.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Having a plan in place is important to ensure that you don’t miss out on specific areas of your home or business. Developing a timeline and checklist can help you keep from missing areas to clean, such as frequently used but little thought about things like door handles, buttons, keyboards, and mice. Set a plan for implementation for cleaning your home and/or office, and make sure you follow the plan through.

Clean first with soap and water

Soap actually disrupts the membrane on the COVID-19 virus that protects it, which renders the virus useless. Washing especially dirty areas with soap and water first can help you ensure that you’ve gotten as much of the surface as you possibly can. Soap and water can also be used on sensitive surfaces that may be damaged by other disinfectants.

Use EPA-Approved Disinfectants on Surfaces

EPA-Approved disinfectants need to be applied correctly in order to be most effective. Make sure to read the guidance on the side of the bottle if not hiring a professional cleaning service like EcoSource. That means if the disinfectant needs to stay on the surface for 30 seconds, make sure to adhere to those guidelines. Each disinfectant is different, and may be different from surface to surface, so make sure you understand the instructions before cleaning.

Don’t mix chemicals

Remember that mixing certain chemicals can cause catastrophic or fatal results. Mixing bleach with ammonia can cause toxic chloramine gas to be released, bleach and vinegar create chlorine gas, and other mixtures can cause other, equally deadly toxins into your home or office. Only use one chemical or disinfectant at a time, and if you do mix any chemicals, don’t store them in their mixed form. Refer to this blog post to get an idea of what chemicals you should never mix.

Wash your hands, change disposable gloves often, and wear a mask

Remember to wash your hands properly and for 20 seconds, at the least. Change disposable gloves often to reduce the risk of cross contamination, and make sure to wear a mask to keep out noxious fumes and coronavirus particles.

Call a professional

Not sure exactly what’s best? We can help. EcoSource can assist you with disinfecting some or your whole business workplace. Contact us today to get your free site estimate.

We hope this helps you clean and prepare for the holiday times coming up. We hope you practice safe social distancing, safe celebrations, and we wish you wellness and health.

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