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We know that you’re probably sick of hearing about COVID-19. For the last ten months, the US has been endlessly hammered with information about COVID-19 and what we’re learning as we go. Luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the coronavirus vaccine being rolled out now worldwide, but we might not be able to embrace our “normal” for some time, and the threat of COVID-19 still looms overhead for many. Here’s what we’ve learned over the past 10 months about COVID-19, and how we can keep up with staying safe during this ongoing pandemic.

Masks do work — some better than others

First and foremost, masks, when used properly, work. Why do they work? They work in the same way surgical masks work when surgeons use them during a regular surgery. It keeps respiratory droplets — which are a normal part of exhaling — from landing on areas and surfaces those droplets shouldn’t be on. Masks usually do not stop 100% of droplets, but even a drastic reduction, like seen in most masks, are better than nothing. The best mask to use is a properly fitted N95, but even an N95 doesn’t reduce droplet spread by 100%. 

A visual demonstration of how without a mask particles can travel
“A subject coughing in a cyclic incident” from “On respiratory droplets and face masks

It is also suggested that two masks work better than one, simply because there is more woven material for droplets to manage to get through. Masks are mandated for most public spaces, especially if entering into a store or otherwise interacting with the general public. 

Disinfection methods work

When utilized properly, disinfection methods can help keep down the potential spread of COVID-19 drastically. Business owners and others who have taken to the new cleaning regiment of disinfection (whether done on their own or by a cleaning professional like EcoSource) have found that they are making do with these new “normal” cleaning routines, and have been able to adapt. These individuals have helped stop COVID-19 when it shows up, and some have even been able to keep COVID-19 out of their business and home entirely. The additional byproduct to this is the ability to also keep down the spread of influenza. The cleaning methods we suggested at the beginning of the pandemic continue to be proven to work. The EPA suggests certain EPA approved disinfectants, which EcoSource uses to effectively disinfect workplaces, so if you don’t have a scheduled disinfection plan in place, contact us now!

Vaccines work

We have two really amazing vaccines being distributed now, along with a third and more that have unknown efficiency, or are good for reducing the fatality rate of COVID-19. Despite the availability of vaccination (and the bumpy roll-out of distribution), it’s important for business owners and homeowners to continue washing hands properly, and keeping up with disinfection protocols to ensure their businesses and homes don’t spread COVID-19.

Antibiotics still don’t work, along with other “home remedies”

We wrote back in February 2020 that antibiotics don’t work to treat coronavirus. This still holds true. Additionally, garlic, sesame oil, drinking or injecting bleach, steroids, essential oils, ethanol, hydroxychloroquine, and more don’t keep coronavirus at bay. Some steroids and other medications can be used to treat coronavirus symptoms, but please leave your medical care up to medical professionals.

We’re hoping, just as we know you are, that we can go back to some semblance of the world pre-COVID-19. Let’s ensure that we’re all keeping up with the latest advice from medical experts, the CDC, and pandemic experts, and continue to live as safely as we can until everyone can be vaccinated. Stay safe out there!

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