4 Ways to Save Time Cleaning With the Right Tools

Cotton cleaning cloths

It’s no secret that good cleaning tools make cleaning easier and more effective. However, without some of the more modern tools, you may be missing out on ways to make your cleaning routine even easier and more effective! Here are some of our favorite tips for using modern cleaning tools to make your cleaning routine quicker and more effective.

#1 Use electrostatic dusting cloths… Not just for dust!

Electrostatic dusting cloths, like those used in a dry Swiffer, are really great at picking up dust in the home. However, another great use for them is in the car. If you’ve got pets – especially dogs – cleaning the hair out of your car is a real to-do. Try an electrostatic dusting cloth. They work amazingly well at picking up pet hair!

#2 Swap out your sponges for Swedish dishcloths!

Hate the bacteria and stink of a sponge, the waste of paper towels, and the annoyance of piles of cloth dishrags? Swedish dishcloths are like a sponge in washcloth form. This means they are studier than paper towels. In addition, because they are thin, Swedish dishcloths dry quickly, which helps inhibit bacterial growth. In addition, they are often compostable! Use Swedish dishcloths for washing dishes, wiping down counters and sinks, and even dusting!

#3 Hate vacuuming? Consider a robot vacuum!

This option isn’t cheap, but if vacuuming is a chore that you struggle with, a robot vacuum can be a great way to help keep your floors clean. Newer models can run from an app and map your home (want to just hit the kitchen? Send the vacuum without even getting up!). Most robot vacuums also can navigate around items on your floor, so if you want to clean your floors but don’t have time to tidy first, you’re all set.

#4 White vinegar is good for everything!

Okay, vinegar isn’t a modern cleaning tool, but it’s too useful for us to leave it off the list entirely. White vinegar can act as a mild cleaning solution—or pair it with baking soda for extra oomph. It can also be used as glass cleaner in a pinch, and you can add it to your laundry at the rinse cycle for soft clothes that don’t smell like vinegar at all (we promise!)

What hacks do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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