Green Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

An open shopping mall with Christmas decorations decorating the place.

It is officially time to start thinking about the holiday season, and with the holiday season comes seasonal shopping. Whether you do the bulk of your shopping online or in person (and whether or not you hate it!) it can be difficult to remain environmentally conscious while all the bright, flashing, pretty sales are happening. Here are some tips to help you stay environmentally conscious while you tackle the 2022 shopping season:

#1 Bring your own shopping bag

When hitting the mall or any other store, bring a reusable shopping bag or tote to cut down on the amount of bags you not only need to throw away, but need to juggle to make it back out to your car. Reusable totes and bags are much stronger than plastic ones, so you can carry a lot more at once too!

#2 Consider the source

It can be hard to pass over Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals, but are those deals really that great? If your money is going to a notorious polluter, then you may want to rethink if saving a few dollars is really worth it – especially if you can make a consolidated trip and pick up the item in person.

#3 Consider the source – again!

Buying clothing to gift to someone? Consider heavily if that seller is environmentally friendly and engaging in fast fashion practices. If they’re environmentally friendly, using less synthetic materials, and giving back to help clean up the environment – you are fast tracked to get your clothing from them. Don’t expect all or even most clothing manufacturers to engage in fair labor practices; who does and doesn’t may shock you when you start looking.

#4 Buy local and second-hand

The best investment you can make in your community is to buy local. With Facebook Marketplace making it easy to locate both second-hand items and local craftspeople, it’s easier than ever to make connections to purchase something local and really give a unique, memorable gift. It doesn’t have to be a second-hand item or craft, either. Consider building a snack/food and drink basket for the hard-to-buy-for person in your life – all made from local obtained goods. Check out your local farmer’s market if you have one for some great ideas!

#5 Try a buy nothing group

Have you ever heard of the “buy nothing” movement? Buy Nothing prioritizes second-hand exchanging rather than spending money. The app, as well as groups on popular social media platforms, can help you make connections to make worthwhile trades, or give away no longer needed items.

How are you living green this holiday shopping season? Share your great tips in the comments below!

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