Top Essential Cleaning Supplies All Businesses Should Have

Person wearing blue gloves spraying a spray bottle down on a wooden surface.

Even if you’re not paying a scheduled facility cleaning provider like EcoSource, you should always have cleaning supplies and products on hand to tackle messes, spills, and more at your place of business. While hand soap and toilet paper may be a no-brainer for your restroom, remembering to grab supplies and products for the rest of your business is equally important. Here are some essential cleaning supplies you should always have on-hand at your business:

#1: An all-purpose cleaner

All-purpose cleaners are great for miscellaneous surfaces like countertops, desks, floors, walls, and other surfaces. An all-purpose cleaner can be used a lot of the times when you run out of other types of cleaners, too.

A good green all-purpose cleaner you can grab is Simple Green all-purpose cleaner, available in spray and concentrated bottles.

#2: A glass cleaner

A glass cleaner is specially formulated to reduce the amount of streaks visible on clear glass surfaces. If you have windows, glass barriers, glass display cases, or something else that utilizes glass in your business, you’ll want some glass cleaner for your business.

A great green glass cleaner is Biokleen Glass Cleaner.

#3: Disinfectant

Disinfectants are different from normal cleaners because they are meant to kill bacteria and germs on the surface, not just provide a visible clean. Most disinfectants are meant to stay on a surface for a set period of time instead of just being wiped off immediately. Please make sure to read the instructions for any disinfectant you may buy closely to make sure you’re reaping the benefits of the disinfectant.

A green, eco-friendly disinfectant you can buy is Attitude Living All Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant.

#4: A floor cleaner

Depending on what kind of floor you may have, you’ll want to pick up a floor cleaning product to fit your specific needs. Tile, hardwood, and rug are all treated differently, but spills are bound to happen, so make sure to pick up some sort of cleaner that will treat your floor without damaging it.

#5: Cleaning cloths or paper towels

If you’re looking for a green clean, the best thing you can do is pick up washable cleaning cloths rather than relying on disposable paper towels to clean your workplace. Cloths don’t have to be anything special: cleaning cloths can be rags, cut up t-shirts, or other clothing, as long as they’re washable. Cotton is better as it dries faster and can wick away moisture, and many synthetic materials can cause microfiber shedding when washing. If you do decide to use paper towels instead, try a recyclable brand like Seventh Generation.

#6: Trash bags

No matter what, you will need a place to put your trash before bringing it out to be taken away. Trash bags can do this, but if you are looking to cut down on single use plastics, you can try more biodegradable trash bag options like Envision’s compostable bags or Reli.’s compostable trash bags. 

#7: Vacuum cleaner

Even if your business is small, you should keep some sort of vacuum cleaner on hand to quickly take care of messes like dry spills, broken glass, dirt, and more. If you have no reason to have a full-sized vacuum cleaner, instead try a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuums offer better suction compared to canister type vacuums.  A HEPA filter vacuum traps small particles and improves indoor air quality. This Hoover also has a hose and wand you can use to clean those hard to reach corners and edges. 

#8: Gloves and protective gear

No matter what, you should protect yourself – and your employees – from harm by using gloves when you clean. Even the most eco-friendly, green products can harm you over time with repeated use. Plus, handling icky messes is a lot less trouble when you’re wearing gloves. Pick up a few sets of rubber, multiple use gloves in different sizes that people can use when cleaning in general or cleaning up messes. You may also want to provide eye protection and respiratory protection, and you should always have PPE on hand for your employees if they choose to use it.

Keeping cleaning supplies on hand at your business is an important step in business continuity. We hope this helps prepare current and new business owners for the inevitable messes to come.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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