Who (or what) does the most environmental harm?

Red and blue smoke stack

When it comes down to environmental harm and climate change, no one singular person is going to prevent it. It will take a global movement of mass proportions to move the needle in the right direction. You can be doing your part as best as you can, living a plastic-free, waste-free lifestyle, but ultimately if society doesn’t embrace these methods as a whole, we will never end up preventing a catastrophic climate change happening on our Earth. That doesn’t mean you should abandon your green methods or give up hope — but it’s important to know that while you may opt to skip the plastic straw, this change is simply not enough.

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COVID-19 Variants: What You Should Know

COVID-19 and the world

With the rollout of multiple COVID-19 vaccines happening quickly across the country and the world, it may seem like very soon we can put the COVID-19 nightmare behind us. Still, during this time where people are eager to get out and start living “normally” once again, it’s important to not let your guard down, given the surge in sudden COVID-19 variations, also known as mutations. We’ll tell you what you should know about COVID-19 variants and what to expect.

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Spring into your Spring Cleaning Routine

A person cleaning the lens of a camera

When warm weather starts to roll in across New England, getting up and getting active seems like a no brainer. With daylight savings time beginning on March 14th, you’ll be seeing more light — which naturally makes us want to get up and start tidying up! Spring cleaning at home is easy enough, but spring cleaning at your business can be a little more difficult. Let’s talk about where you should focus your efforts this spring in tidying up your business.

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