It’s Flu Season: Here’s Our Best Tips to Staying Healthy


You probably know by now that it’s flu season, whether it’s from social media, pharmacies giving away flu shots, or your doctor asking if you’d like a flu shot. Aside from getting a flu vaccination year to year, what other precautions can you take to keep yourself, your family, and your workers healthy during flu season? Lucky for you, we’ve talked about this a lot!

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Turning Trash into Trees: Are the “Seed Cups” the Answer?

Reduce. Reuse. Grow. Seed Cup

While visiting social media the other day, we came across a rather interesting resurgence of an old idea. Back in 2015, a company called Reduce. Reuse. Grow. came up with an idea and put it on Kickstarter. The idea was rather simple: rather than using petroleum based plastics for single-use items like coffee cups, if cups were made of PLA bioplastic instead, we could reduce the amount of plastic waste floating in oceans and ending up in landfills. Additionally, this company also wanted to embed wildflower and tree seeds into each cup, meaning the cup owner could bring the cup home, soak it in water, and then plant it where they wanted those seeds to grow. This idea of “seeds in cups” has made a recent resurgence on social media, and we wanted to give our take on it.

It is worth noting that the company’s site does not offer any further specifications on the “seed cup” or even offer it for sale at this time.

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Microfiber Pollution and the Environment: What is it, and how do we stop it?

A tree inside of a broken glass ball

There is a real environmental issue which has cropped up with the prevalent usage of synthetic materials. Over time, our dependence on synthetic materials has grown significantly, and only now are we beginning to research and understand the ramifications of the creation and usage of these synthetic materials. The issue at hand is microfiber pollution. Microfiber pollution is taking an incredible toll on our natural ecosystems and causing untold damage.

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