Fighting Influenza in 2020: Our Best Tips

Person in bed with a thermometer in their mouth

Flu season is here. It seems like the flu never really quite goes away, and with cold, hot, then cold again days, it’s easier to get sick. Staying away from the flu is harder now more than ever due to open office environments, sharing of workstations, and more. Still, we have some great ideas for you to help you stay healthy during the 2020 flu season.

Here are your key flu prevention tips:

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Great green cleaning products you can use at home

A woman holding a mop over her shoulder

If you read our blog, you may be wondering if there’s any products you can use right at home to get a comparable clean. If you’re concerned about the use of chemicals around your loved ones, especially small children and pets, you may wonder if you can get a good clean with green products. We’re here to give you some great green cleaning product solutions to help!

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