How Social Distancing Has Affected Climate Change

Climate change

For the past few months, most of us have been staying at home in an effort to practice social distancing. Many businesses have switched to working from home, and people have generally stopped traveling. The goal of social distancing has been to “flatten the curve” in regards to COVID-19, in an attempt to control the number of people who are sick at any given time. Over this period of time, scientists have discovered that social distancing has affected climate change and the rate at which climate change is progressing. 

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Boyan Slat, at it again: River Cleanup in Sight

Interceptor 001™ in Cengkareng drain, Jakarta, Indonesia. Courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup

Boyan Slat, the dutch engineer responsible for recently collecting two shipping containers worth of plastic and garbage from the Great Pacific Garbage patch (for the first time in history), is now setting his sights on clearing up river-based water pollution.

We’ve talked about The Ocean Cleanup project on this blog before, but this conservationist is taking it one step further and hoping to help freshwater rivers and streams clean up their act too.

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