Top 5 commercial cleaning tips

Black and white photo looking up towards the sky at a set of buildings.

Making sure your commercial business is operating at peak performance is likely a top priority as a business owner. That means that taking care of your employees by cleaning appropriately is likely somewhere at the top of the list – especially if you are trying to effectively manage sick days for your employees. Here are our top five select tips for commercial businesses to make sure their cleaning routine is top notch!

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Is in-office work a thing of the past?

Person sitting on a couch with a laptop on their lap, writing in a notebook with their right hand

Two years ago, we had our first battles with COVID-19. We learned a lot about our workspaces  – what worked, and what didn’t when it came to curbing infection rates. Most of all, we learned, when it came time to become fully remote since the risk was too high for infection, that many businesses could operate just as well or even better with a work-from-home model. Is in person office work a thing of the past? Maybe. Let’s take a look.

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