Fighting Influenza in 2020: Our Best Tips

Person in bed with a thermometer in their mouth

Flu season is here. It seems like the flu never really quite goes away, and with cold, hot, then cold again days, it’s easier to get sick. Staying away from the flu is harder now more than ever due to open office environments, sharing of workstations, and more. Still, we have some great ideas for you to help you stay healthy during the 2020 flu season.

Here are your key flu prevention tips:

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It’s Flu Season: Here’s Our Best Tips to Staying Healthy


You probably know by now that it’s flu season, whether it’s from social media, pharmacies giving away flu shots, or your doctor asking if you’d like a flu shot. Aside from getting a flu vaccination year to year, what other precautions can you take to keep yourself, your family, and your workers healthy during flu season? Lucky for you, we’ve talked about this a lot!

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