4 Easy ways you can make your cleaning routine greener now

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When cleaning at home, you may not give much thought to the products you are using… Until you wind up with a pounding headache from the fumes, skin irritation from coming into contact with harsh chemical cleaners, or worse. It is possible to make your cleaning routine more green without sacrificing the efficiency of your cleaning methods. Here are four easy ways you can make your cleaning routine more green now.

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Green Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

An open shopping mall with Christmas decorations decorating the place.

It is officially time to start thinking about the holiday season, and with the holiday season comes seasonal shopping. Whether you do the bulk of your shopping online or in person (and whether or not you hate it!) it can be difficult to remain environmentally conscious while all the bright, flashing, pretty sales are happening. Here are some tips to help you stay environmentally conscious while you tackle the 2022 shopping season:

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Zero-Waste Living

Olive oil soap, lime, and soda

You’ve likely already heard of zero-waste living. Zero-waste is supposed to be a sustainable practice that is part of a green living routine. The idea is that you are contributing no waste while purchasing and consuming items. That means you are going out of your way to purchase items that don’t have packaging, or are in packaging that can be reused over and over again. But with anything, there are pros and cons to zero-waste living. Here are just a few:

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