Is it time to tune up your toilet?

Red tile bathroom with toilet

Toilets are one of the worst hoarders of a precious resource — water. Flushing a toilet installed prior to 1982 can flush 5-7 gallons of water… That’s 5-7 jugs of milk worth of water! While modern toilets can flush less water, many toilets can be “tuned up” to use even less water, saving resources and even lightening your bill. Let’s talk about some ways you can tune up your toilet:

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Environmental Sustainability: 3 Ways it Can Benefit Construction

Blue buildings

Here at EcoSource, we’re committed to environmental sustainability. Often we talk about the points of environmental sustainability and “going green”. Many markets are concerned with their bottom line — and rightfully so — however it’s common for markets to overlook the long-term savings due to the perceived upfront cost of green building. Still, it’s surprising to learn that many construction companies don’t know that environmentally sustainable materials can have hard, long-term benefits to using those materials — far beyond just the initial cost.

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