Should You Steer Clear of Shared Workspaces?

Person sitting at a shared office space using a computer

Coworking is on the rise, especially since the pandemic has forced so many people into less than ideal work from home situations. Productivity can really take a hit when you’re suddenly surrounded by pets, piles of laundry, children — distractions of all kinds abound, which is why opting for a shared workspace can seem like a smart idea.

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Road Salt & Your Floors: How to keep the winter from damaging your workplace

The back side of a snow plow spreading salt and sand on the road

When winter rolls in, so does winter prep. That means that sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots are often laden with road salt (or ice melt) and sand, which can not only make your workplace look dirty when tracked in by the many feet that may visit you, but can also damage or destroy your flooring or carpeting. Here’s what you can do to minimize impact to your flooring and keep it looking better:

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5 Top Methods to Prevent Summer Illness

Person washing hands at a running faucet

When you think of summer, it’s not often that the first thing you think about is getting sick. You’re usually thinking about cookouts, and fireworks, and the beach before you consider summer illness. However, summer illness is a real thing that can take even longer to recover from than during the winter, fall, or spring, and can make you more miserable since you could be doing something else. Let’s talk about some of the best ways you can prevent getting sick during the summer.

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