5 Top Methods to Prevent Summer Illness

Person washing hands at a running faucet

When you think of summer, it’s not often that the first thing you think about is getting sick. You’re usually thinking about cookouts, and fireworks, and the beach before you consider summer illness. However, summer illness is a real thing that can take even longer to recover from than during the winter, fall, or spring, and can make you more miserable since you could be doing something else. Let’s talk about some of the best ways you can prevent getting sick during the summer.

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Spring into your Spring Cleaning Routine

A person cleaning the lens of a camera

When warm weather starts to roll in across New England, getting up and getting active seems like a no brainer. With daylight savings time beginning on March 14th, you’ll be seeing more light — which naturally makes us want to get up and start tidying up! Spring cleaning at home is easy enough, but spring cleaning at your business can be a little more difficult. Let’s talk about where you should focus your efforts this spring in tidying up your business.

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