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If you work in the advertising and marketing space, you understand the importance of a first impression. You also know that striking the right note with a prospective client is a one-shot opportunity. Increasingly, consumers have become more discerning with respect to products and services that purport to benefit or protect the environment. The concern about carbon footprints and the damaging cost of consumerism on the environment has many people worried about making greener choices. Smart consumers look for brands that are sincere about protecting the environment; brands that walk the walk versus virtue signal.

Opting for green cleaning is an easy and authentic way to demonstrate your dedication to the environment. Not only will your staff benefit from a healthier environment, thanks to our environmentally friendly commercial cleaning solutions, your customers will respect your position as a business that promotes and actually prioritizes greener initiatives. 

Side note: You’ll also spare your more sensitive staff and customers from the often overpowering olfactory proof of a clean space — the odors/fragrances of common commercial cleaning products. 

Show respect for your staff, employees, and customers, and demonstrate a real commitment to a healthier environment by choosing green commercial cleaning. By partnering with EcoSource, you put the environment first, while we work to ensure that your professional environment — from break areas, entryways, hallways, kitchens, restrooms, offices, and conference rooms — are pristine.

EcoSource provides green commercial cleaning services that support your:

  • Offices and meeting spaces
  • Entryways, vestibules, hallways, elevators and staircases
  • Shared and high-traffic spaces: cafeterias, kitchens, restrooms and locker rooms,
  • On-site childcare and workout facilities

Choosing green commercial cleaning solutions can strengthen your building and, most importantly, your staff by providing:

  • Protection from exposure to disease-causing pathogens and bacteria
  • Spotless surfaces, clear of debris and spills, which are potential causes of slip-and-fall injuries
  • Clean and completely dust free floors, which reduces allergens
  • A better supported and content workforce, protected from the health risks commonly associated with commercial cleaning products

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