Milling and manufacturing in a facility

Manufacturing facilities are different from any other facilities we service. The types of goods being manufactured will dictate the level of cleaning expected. For example, a medical device manufacturer will likely have very high standards and expectations. Still, all facilities have the same cleaning steps that need to be executed effectively and can help keep down the spread of potential contaminants like the flu or COVID-19 that can harm your employees or even your customers.

We’re happy to supply our manufacturing customers with our highly effective green cleaning services. We’ve committed to an environmentally friendly clean that is as effective  or better than traditional cleaning methods. These green cleaning methods also provide significant benefits to your manufacturing facility workers — green cleaning products are less likely to harm your employees (and the environment)  resulting in less down time and higher productivity.

EcoSource provides our green cleaning services to manufacturers regardless of the type of manufacturing process you are involved in.

We service:

  • Standard manufacturing facilities such as machine shops and assembly lines
  • Manufacturing facilities that utilize “controlled environments” such as pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Factories and production plants of all kinds

Our cleaning professionals provide impeccable attention to detail while maintaining a safer, greener clean in manufacturing facilities. We focus on:

  • Reducing the potential for “breakouts” of illness including COVID-19 and influenza (flu) amongst employees and coworkers
  • Debris-free, clean flooring that reduces the possibility of fall and trip hazards
  • Smudge-free, clear windows and other glass and glass-like surfaces for visible cleanliness, safety, and increased visibility
  • Dust-free and clean surfaces
  • Improved satisfaction of employees and visitors by reducing strong chemical odors or chemical contact

We’re eager to assist your manufacturing facility with its specific cleaning needs. Whether you’re a standard manufacturing facility, or you employ the use of a controlled environment, we can help. Our trained, experienced professional cleaning staff can provide you with a safer, greener clean that cleans as well or better than traditional cleaning solutions. 

We’d love to help you with your cleaning needs. Contact us today to secure your free on-site analysis, and discover all the ways you and your facility may benefit as a result  of green cleaning.

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