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At EcoSource, we understand how critical pharmaceutical offices and warehouses are. These locations need to be cleaned to the utmost perfection. Pharmaceutical offices need to concentrate on patient care, which is why we take care of focusing on Cleaning for Health. In a healthcare facility of any kind, you need to be mindful of the toxins and chemicals entering and exiting the space. Our green cleaning products 

ensure safety for you and the customers you serve.

We provide impeccable attention to detail when working with healthcare professionals in their pharmaceutical facilities. We focus on:

  • Reducing potential cross-contamination
  • Reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19, MRSA, and other infectious diseases
  • Reducing the potential harm to employees and patients if they come in contact with cleaning agents

Cleaning for a medical or healthcare environment is unlike any other type of cleaning. It’s incredibly important to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that employees and patients do not suffer from poorly cleaned environments. We follow all CDC, OSHA, and AORN guidelines for a safe clean, as well as adhering to HIPAA guidelines to maintain patient privacy. 

We are happy to help provide you with an efficient, cost-effective, green clean for the health of your facility, the health of your employees, and the health of your office. Take advantage of our free site analysis today to get started on a better, greener clean.

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