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Education, specifically the art of teaching, is considered among the noblest of professions. Those working within this field would likely agree; however, they also know first-hand the many stressors associated with educating future generations and empowering their students to realize their full potential. 

Logistically, nurturing students is best done in a clean and safe environment. It would be difficult for anyone to learn in a space that was filthy, riddled with allergens or otherwise distracting because of odors, spills or dust accumulation.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored public health as a top priority for places like schools in particular. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, schools had faced issues with cleanliness that resulted in pest infestations and, in some cases, incidences of respiratory ailments among students and staff.

Your educational institution cannot afford to risk exposing anyone — whether teachers, staff, students, volunteers, or visitors — to potentially harmful pathogens, unchecked spills, which could result in slip and falls, or an abundance of allergens due to lackluster cleaning efforts. 

Commercial cleaning is critical in a school setting. With an increased emphasis on the value of green alternatives, your school really ought to consider environmentally friendly commercial cleaning, which does not rely on the chemical-laden products typical of traditional commercial cleaning services. 

A healthier option for our planet, your school and all those working and learning within it, green cleaning supports a safer future. Investing in green commercial cleaning also means you can avoid the overpowering smells associated with mainstream cleaning products, which is off-putting for anyone entering your building. 

EcoSource puts a premium on our client’s safety and satisfaction. We will work hard to create a pristine and inviting space in support of learning and collaboration. 

Focusing on high-traffic areas like staff break rooms, entryways, hallways, meeting spaces, restrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and even stairwells, our team will also take care to clean your school’s shared spaces, whether elevators, entryways hallways, staircases, locker rooms, restrooms, etc. 

Opting for green commercial cleaning products is an investment in your school’s future, as well as the future of our planet.

Green commercial cleaning provides the following benefits:

  • Safeguards staff and students against possible exposure to disease-causing bacteria and pathogens 
  • Debris and dust-free surfaces, clear of spills, which are often the culprits behind slip and fall injuries 
  • Allergen-reduction throughout your building
  • A staff that feels supported and protected by their administration

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