Scheduled Facility Cleaning

Clean Facilities Are Healthy Facilities

At EcoSource, we don’t just use safe chemicals and clean, new cleaning equipment – we bring the most professional and well trained staff to your facility as well. To that end, we are constantly looking at how to improve our services to improve our clients’ overall experience of convenience, savings, health and environmentally sound systems.

All services are provided by professionals who have received training on chemical and equipment usage, safety at the workplace, and OSHA regulations. Emphasis is placed on minimizing the use of spray products, reducing cross contamination and removing blood borne pathogens.

Facility Services for Commercial, Government and Industrial Buildings

EcoSource is a commercial cleaning company at our core. Our entire service schedule includes:

3M Clean Trace ATP Testing ATP Testing – EcoSource is the only commercial cleaning company that uses ATP testing to measure the cleanliness of your facility so you know the job is done right.

Clean surfaces reduce the spread of germs in the workplace and are essential to the health of your staff and and visitors. We offer free testing at all facility surveys so you can see how well your current cleaners are performing.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Facility Cleaning – Every employee, customer and person entering your office deserves a clean work space.

The EcoSource facility cleaning service is the heart of our business – from the way we treat our employees, train our cleaners, the environmentally friendly products use and the care we put into thoroughness and communication with all our clients. See how we can make a difference in the quality of your cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing

Floor Stripping and Refinishing

Ground Level Window and Building Exterior Washing

Emergency Cleaning Service

Windows Are Meant to be Clean

Window Washing
Glass windows get covered in dirt, dust, soot and sap. They work best when cleaned regularly by a professional using environmental friendly cleaning supplies and techniques.

A clean window lets more light in, invigorating your employees to increase their productivity. Clean office windows reflect better, shining bright to etch positive impressions in a visitor’s memory or those that see it every day.

EcoSource cleans ground level windows with expert attention for all types of buildings including commercial offices, schools, hospitals, government facilities, manufacturing and corporate headquarters. Servicing Boston, Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

We recommend cleaning schedule of at least twice a year, more frequently if your building is near excessive pollutants/ elements. Do your office windows right and schedule a cleaning today!

Pressure Washing Building Exteriors and Manufacturing Equipment for Life

Power WashingMoss and other plant matter breaks down rocks in nature – imagine how easily it chews through your soft concrete if left to it’s own devices. Dirty exterior equipment such as air conditioning and light fixtures work less efficiently and break down faster as they work harder or overheat.

It’s no different in the production facility – EcoSource can pressure wash manufacturing equipment and factory floors for scheduled cleaning or in preparation for a floor resurfacing. Add to it that it just looks bad, now you have no reason to not have us come out and pressure wash your your entire location.

You can get that taken care of by scheduling a site survey today!


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