Carpet Shampooing

Are your carpets looking a little worse for wear? Even if you have a vacuum routine of once per day (or more), most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet shampooing at least once per year. Even the best vacuum will leave a small amount of dirt embedded in the carpet. Over time the amount of embedded dirt, if not removed, builds up and will lead to premature wear and permanent damage. This can lead to the brown, grey, or matted carpeting that you may see often in high traffic areas.

Carpet Shampooing with Ecosource

Keep your employees and customers safe

Did you know that excessively soiled carpeting can be a health concern? It’s true. Built up dirt and soil can be a prime spot for bacterial growth, which can result in bad smells in your place of business. Additionally, mold can grow in these spots. Bacteria and mold can become airborne as people walk on the carpet. Mold, of course, can cause a variety of health issues including respiratory distress for employees and customers alike. If you have carpeting in your facility, it’s important to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of this carpeting for the health and wellbeing of your facility, employees, and customers.

How do we get a green clean on a carpet?

At EcoSource, prior to any shampooing, we perform a full detail vacuuming of all exposed carpeting to remove as much dirt and dust as possible. This is followed by pretreating all spots, stains and traffic lanes with appropriate detergent chemicals. Heavy soiled traffic lanes and or stains may also need to be machine scrubbed prior to shampooing. 

At EcoSource we recommend hot water carpet extraction as it is effective in almost all scenarios. With this method, hot water and detergent are forced through the carpet fibers under high pressure. The dirty water is then sucked out (extracted) from the carpet. The carpet will be damp for several hours and drying time may be reduced by using air moving fans.

Carpet shampooing and cleaning is important to maintain a properly clean facility. You may want to consider cleaning carpets more frequently during muddy seasons, after winter has passed, or after another event that may have left your carpet soiled, such as spilled food or drink.

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