Cleaning for Health

A person in white cleaning coveralls wearing blue gloves, using a yellow cloth to clean a black corded phone receiver

Cleaning for health and cleaning for appearance are two drastically different things, yet not many people know or act on the difference. While the COVID-19 pandemic flipped the world on its head, one positive thing it did was bring to light the importance of cleaning for health. COVID has proven over and over again that just because something or someone looks clean, it doesn’t mean they actually are. At EcoSource, LLC, we are committed to making cleaning for health the normal practice. Our goal is to accomplish a great clean while also being kind to the environment. 

So what is “Cleaning for Appearance?” Cleaning for appearance is essentially judging the cleanliness of something based on how it looks and what you can see. We now understand that a surface can look and smell clean but still harbor harmful pathogens. Facilities must adopt a “cleaning for health” approach to restore confidence, uphold brand reputation, and minimize the spread of infectious agents. “Cleaning for Health” starts off with cleaning all visible soils followed by processes which improve the healthfulness of the facility, like proper disinfection, vacuuming with a HEPA filtered Vacuum, and cleaning ventilation grilles. 

In the same way that cleaning for health and cleaning for appearance are different, there is a huge difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. The truth is you need all three to have a healthy and thriving work space, but most people assume just one is enough. Sanitizing simply reduces the germs down to a safe level, which is 99.9% germ free. Cleaning does not kill germs, but removes them. Disinfecting actually kills the germs. At EcoSource, LLC we ensure that your office or business space is sanitized, cleaned, and disinfected to the highest degree. 

And, as always, we strive to clean with only environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices to incorporate a green clean in every situation. 

At EcoSource, we can:

  • Apply EPA list-N approved disinfectant
  • Utilize our Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer
  • Treat all exposed surfaces under 7 feet tall

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