EcoSource Re-Occupancy Action Plan

COVID-19 is major health concern and EcoSource is taking all the possible measures and precautions possible to keep your business safe. EcoSource cleaning crews have been trained on the CDC recommended safety measures they can take in helping the wellbeing of you and your employees.  EcoSource has deployed new equipment that when combined with an EPA registered disinfectant can disinfect your entire facility. Along with your usual cleaning regimen, EcoSource crews are also providing common touch point and surface disinfecting on a regular basis, per CDC guidelines.  For a detailed description of our disinfecting protocols visit our workplace disinfection service page.

While the danger of COVID-19 begins to wane as the curve flattens, many businesses are looking to reopen and begin making profits once more. Are you ready to reopen your business?


Your first considerations should help you to plan your reopening accordingly. Coming up with a broad idea for how you should continue to reopen your business will help you dial in on problematic areas, and areas that should be tended to.

Cleaning, disinfection, & more

What kind of cleaning needs to be done prior to reopening? What kind of cleaning was done prior to shut down, and what is lacking?

Experienced specialists

Who will be completing services?

Planning for the future

What kind of changes should stay permanently, and what does the long term plan look like? 

Mitigating risk

When considering who will be in your building, what kind of changes need to be made to break the chain of transmission? Are these changes procedural or even physical?

Effective reduction of downtime

What solutions can be completed in the quickest amount of time to reduce the amount of time closed?

Assessment of Status

Consider the following, and use this list to help you determine what kind of help you may need:

    What is the current status of the building?

    VacantReduced workforceFull or near full occupancy

    What cleaning efforts are currently being taken?

    None/LittleNormal ongoing janitorialEnhanced cleaning due to COVID-19

    What kind of use is the facility?

    SeasonalFull-time, standard business hours24/7

    What kind of in-house staff is being used for cleaning?

    NoneLimited janitorial servicesA large janitorial service force

    What does the training look like for in-house cleaning staff?


    What kind of access does the business have to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

    None/LimitedUnknown/ModerateWell-stocked/Have everything necessary

    What kind of access does the business have to EPA approved disinfectants?

    None/LimitedUnknown/ModerateWell-stocked/Have everything necessary

    Has there been any COVID-19 exposure?

    No, noneUnknown or suspectedYes, confirmed exposure

    Who occupies the building?

    Staff onlyStaff and customersPublic

    What kind of timeline would you like for re-occupancy?

    1+ month1 week - 1 monthASAP/Immediate

    How is the business funded?

    Private fundsPublic fundsGovernment reimbursement program

    If you would like EcoSource to contact you regarding your business cleaning plan, please leave for us:

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    Ecosource’s service options for re-occupancy

    Ecosource is happy to help you begin preparing your business for re-occupancy. We have a variety of services to help you re-open your business during your expected timeline.


    We offer disinfection services to help you mitigate the risk of contamination. We offer disinfection services for common touch points, detailed disinfection services, or even complete disinfection services with our specialized disinfection fogger.

    EcoSource can:

    • Apply EPA list-N approved disinfectant
    • Utilize our ULV fogger
    • Treat all exposed surfaces under 7 feet tall

    We suggest these services for organizations who have no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, facilities who have current janitorial services and are regularly cleaned, and clients who look to add some precautionary measures to their existing cleaning routines. If your company falls under a different category, contact us and we’ll help you determine a customized plan of action.

    Customized cleaning plan

    We understand each business is different, and we want to work with you to create a unique and customized cleaning plan that fits your business’ needs.

    EcoSource can:

    • Assess your unique business and property needs for a cleaning plan
    • Suggest additional non-standard services to help you avoid contamination and mitigate risk such as carpet or upholstery cleaning, disinfection of common touch points, application of disinfectants elsewhere, or janitorial services

    We consider these services best for businesses who have suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, that have a limited janitorial capacity, and companies that are looking for a one-stop-shop solution for their cleaning needs.

    Cleaning Consultation

    Unsure what you need? We can help. Using our customized cleaning plans, we can help you come up with an appropriate timeline for your cleaning needs to bring your business back into functional and open operational status. We offer free site consultations and analysis. Just contact us today!

    EcoSource can:

    • Assess existing cleaning procedures and protocols
    • Implement best practices from the CDC, IICRC, etc
    • Suggest service options such as job site monitoring and quality assurance inspections

    We suggest these services to be the best fitted for organizations that have a longer, extended timeline allowance for opening, facilities that already have a large in-house janitorial staff, and companies that want to increase their cleaning standards.

    How to get started with EcoSource

    Getting started with EcoSource is easy. Simply fill out our re-occupancy plan form to begin. Once you have submitted your form, we’ll reach out to you by your preferred method to help you customize your cleaning plan.

    Ready to get started with a free site analysis? 

    Contact EcoSource today to get started with a free site analysis to take advantage of our eco-friendly, green cleaning disinfectant services in the Greater Boston area!

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