COVID-19: What we know so far

Person wearing a surgical mask

The internet is full of information in regards to COVID-19. All of our social media feeds are hammered with information regarding COVID-19 and its spread. What we actually know about the virus is limited, though there is some concrete information that we can use to help curb misinformation, squash false information, and keep us making informed choices over the health and welfare of ourselves, our employees, and others.

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Coronavirus: Truth versus Fiction

Battling coronavirus

Note: This article was written in February 2020, and at the time, we, like much of the public, didn’t have a comprehensive idea of what the pandemic would hold for us. There is reason for concern about the spread of COVID-19 throughout 2020 and into 2021. Masks (of any kind, though some are better than others) do work to help prevent the spread COVID-19.

The coronavirus has taken the world by surprise. In a pandemic style outbreak, the coronavirus has caught many countries in a pandemic-like state. Is the coronavirus truly something you should be concerned about? What steps should you take to prevent coronavirus from affecting your family or office? What do we truly know about the coronavirus?

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