Keeping up with COVID-19

Pink coronavirus virus

We know that you’re probably sick of hearing about COVID-19. For the last ten months, the US has been endlessly hammered with information about COVID-19 and what we’re learning as we go. Luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the coronavirus vaccine being rolled out now worldwide, but we might not be able to embrace our “normal” for some time, and the threat of COVID-19 still looms overhead for many. Here’s what we’ve learned over the past 10 months about COVID-19, and how we can keep up with staying safe during this ongoing pandemic.

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How Social Distancing Has Affected Climate Change

Climate change

For the past few months, most of us have been staying at home in an effort to practice social distancing. Many businesses have switched to working from home, and people have generally stopped traveling. The goal of social distancing has been to “flatten the curve” in regards to COVID-19, in an attempt to control the number of people who are sick at any given time. Over this period of time, scientists have discovered that social distancing has affected climate change and the rate at which climate change is progressing. 

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COVID-19: What we know so far

Person wearing a surgical mask

The internet is full of information in regards to COVID-19. All of our social media feeds are hammered with information regarding COVID-19 and its spread. What we actually know about the virus is limited, though there is some concrete information that we can use to help curb misinformation, squash false information, and keep us making informed choices over the health and welfare of ourselves, our employees, and others.

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