Green Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Presents, bows, ribbon, and scissors sitting atop brown paper.

Does it frustrate you as much as it frustrates us that wrapping paper is such a one-and-done wasteful item? It’s pretty to have glitzy wrapped packages under the tree, but once the holiday season is over and all the wrapping is torn, it just gets tossed away – along with the money you spent on it. To make matters worse, most wrapping papers aren’t even recyclable! Here are some great green alternatives to buying wrapping paper:

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Is it possible to shop eco-friendly for the Holidays?

Clothing store

Holiday shopping and eco-friendly/sustainability don’t seem like two things that would go hand-in-hand. When you’re shopping for deals this holiday season, you likely aren’t thinking eco-friendliness and sustainability. However, it is possible to be mindful of the environment — regardless of whether or not you’re waiting outside in the cold directly after Thanksgiving for doors to open!

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