Wildfires becoming “Year Long Season” in Part due to Climate Change

Wildfire in the Mountains

Wildfires are becoming a common occurrence. If you search in Google for “wildfire” under news, you’ll see pages upon pages of articles about wildfires that have broken loosen more and more frequently.

While most wildfires occur during hot, dry seasons (where burning can get out of control), wildfire “season” has become longer and longer, with more fires breaking out than ever before. For example, it’s winter right now, far and away from the usual wildfire season, but we’ve had multitudes of wildfires breaking out across the country. Some of these wildfires can be attributed to human causes — a discarded cigarette butt, for example — but the conditions that cultivate the perfect environment and scenario for a wildfire to burn out of control can be attributed to climate change — also at the fault of humans.

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