I think that Ecosource is such a great sub contractor business. I was very nervous and scared to start my own commercial cleaning business, looking online for ways to start up, and then all the extra paperwork that go with running your own business. I came across Ecosource, got in contact with them spoke with Maria, and scheduled a meeting with Paul. In the meeting he went over how it works, shows you what you can achieve, and the steps to keep rising. I felt comfortable enough to start. Ecosource not only helped me start my business but also helped me with all paper works and payroll, which as a new business owner I did not have full knowledge of. There is so many things that go into starting up your own business, like insurance for your business, workers comp. etc., and all of this Ecosource helped me with, this was one of the big areas for me that actually made me more nervous, but Ecosource did all that for me. As a result, the Ecosource team is also there for you with any questions you may have or any help you may need after you have your contracts. They are always there for support. I officially have 1 year since I’ve started and right now I am further along than what I actually thought I was going to be in just one year and is all thanks to Ecosource and their [personnel].

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