Employee Sick Cost

Illness costs money and takes a toll in countless ways on your business.

  Example Your Organization
Total number of employees 2,000
x x
Cost of illness absenteeism
per employee
$230 $230
Total annual cost of
absenteeism due to illness
x x
Reduction in Absenteeism 20% 20%
Potential Savings $92,000

Do the Math. Do the Right Thing.

Infectious diseases cost the U.S. $120 billion a year.1 On average, workplace absenteeism due to personal illness costs U.S. businesses $230 per employee.2 Two recent national studies indicate that the implementation of interventions that included surface disinfection resulted in a reduction in school absenteeism (10–15%3, 50%4). For illustrative purposes, we use 20%.

1 CDC Ounce of Prevention Campaign [April 24, 2008]

2 2005 CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey. $660 per employee; 35% due to personal illness. $660 x 35% = $231

3 Sandora TJ, Shih MC, Goldmann DA. Reducing Absenteeism from Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Illness in Elementary Students. Pediatrics. 2008;121(6):1555-62

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