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Valuing an environmentally friendly clean goes a long way at EcoSource LLC. In industries like information technology (IT) and high-tech industries, it may seem difficult to get an appropriate clean while maintaining environmental consciousness. We want to tell you that it’s not impossible. At EcoSource, LLC, we’re happy to provide the greenest clean we can, which can greatly benefit your business and employees. We know that when it comes to high-tech and information technology industries, cleaning around equipment and computers is a sensitive operation; many harsh chemicals can and will damage or destroy computers or tech equipment. A green clean may be the perfect solution for you.

We would love to offer our green cleaning services to your IT or high-tech company, whether it’s a small, single office, or a large high-tech complex. We’ve worked with tech professionals before, and we’re well versed in the sensitive handling of computers, equipment, and how to clean around them. We want to provide you with an environmentally friendly clean that does less harm to you, your employees, and your visitors.

As cleaning professionals, we know the havoc that dust particles can cause on computers and tech equipment. When dust settles inside computer casing or along circuit boards, if not properly cleaned in time, the dust can accumulate, insulate heat in the machine, and cause tech to overheat and prematurely fail. The solution to this problem is reducing the amount of dust in the air. We use HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners that filter 99.97 percent of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. Our HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners even improve air quality versus conventional vacuums.

We service:

  • Single IT and high-tech offices and businesses, including repair centers
  • Co-working offices and spaces like tech lounges and internet cafes
  • Large and expansive IT and high-tech offices
  • IT and technology facilities

We provide impeccable attention to detail when working with technology professionals in their business setting. We focus on:

  • Reducing potential cross contamination of illness including COVID-19 and influenza (flu)
  • Clean, debris-free flooring and carpeting that reduces the possibility of trip and fall hazards
  • Clean and clear, smudge-free windows and other glass surfaces for visibility and cleanliness
  • Dust-free and clean surfaces
  • Improved satisfaction of employees and visitors by reducing strong chemical odors or chemical contact

On top of our environmentally friendly green cleaning, we are also dedicated to strict guidelines for the handling of sensitive data and protecting privacy for our clients. Rest assured that you’re in good hands with EcoSource, LLC when it comes to your IT or high-tech facility.

We’d love to help you get a cost-effective, green clean. If you’re ready to talk about what we can offer your IT or high-tech company, contact us today for a free site analysis.

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