Not for Profits

As a not for profit, your goal is to make a positive impact on the world and enact meaningful change where change is needed. The purpose of your business is philanthropic and mission-driven. Trust is a critical component of the work you do, which is why your not for profit needs to demonstrate integrity via pristine financial records. 

Another way to signal your commitment to professionalism and transparency is by creating a clean, safe, and healthy working environment for your staff and supporters. 

Whether you’re concerned with providing an ideal and inspiring work space for your staff and volunteers, or worried about making the right impression with potential donors and sponsors, a commitment to cleanliness is key.

In light of your mission-driven brand, you have an opportunity to make a statement when it comes to choosing your commercial cleaning service. With a consumer emphasis ever greener, you might consider investing in environmentally friendly commercial cleaning alternatives. 

The green cleaning movement not only benefits the environment but those working and visiting your unique professional environment. You can signal your brand’s commitment to the environment and the wider world by opting for commercial cleaning that protects the Earth while providing you with a pristine, allergen free space. 

EcoSource offers comprehensive green commercial cleaning, focused specifically on high-traffic areas like break rooms, entryways, hallways, meeting spaces, restrooms, and even stairwells.

With our green commercial cleaning services you can feel confident in the cleanliness of your facility’s: 

  • Collaborative spaces like cafeterias and conference rooms 
  • Critical amenities like kitchens, locker rooms, and restrooms 
  • In-house transportation, such as elevators and escalators
  • Common, high-traffic touchpoints; for instance, entryways, hallways, staircases, and vestibules
  • On-site childcare and workout facilities

By opting for green commercial cleaning alternatives you can better support your facility, your staff, visitors, and volunteers, all while reducing your brand’s carbon footprint. 

Our professional cleaning services:

  • Protect against potential exposure to disease-causing pathogens and bacteria
  • Ensure spotless surfaces, free of debris and spills, which can result in slip and fall injuries
  • Reduce allergens by keeping floors clean and dust-free  
  • Safeguard the people who support and strengthen your mission

Check out what green commercial cleaning can do for your business.  Contact us today to schedule your free site analysis!

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