What is the point of no return when it comes to climate change?

Landscape, barren and dry on the left, lush and green on the right

There’s such a thing as a point of no return when it comes to climate change. Just like in sci-fi movies, when someone has only enough oxygen to go so far, there is a point where we can go too far with the Earth… But this is no sci-fi movie. This is our Earth, our one planet to live on, and getting to the point of no return on climate change is a very scary thing that must be taken seriously. Let’s talk about what that means and why it’s so important.

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5 Top Methods to Prevent Summer Illness

Person washing hands at a running faucet

When you think of summer, it’s not often that the first thing you think about is getting sick. You’re usually thinking about cookouts, and fireworks, and the beach before you consider summer illness. However, summer illness is a real thing that can take even longer to recover from than during the winter, fall, or spring, and can make you more miserable since you could be doing something else. Let’s talk about some of the best ways you can prevent getting sick during the summer.

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Who (or what) does the most environmental harm?

Red and blue smoke stack

When it comes down to environmental harm and climate change, no one singular person is going to prevent it. It will take a global movement of mass proportions to move the needle in the right direction. You can be doing your part as best as you can, living a plastic-free, waste-free lifestyle, but ultimately if society doesn’t embrace these methods as a whole, we will never end up preventing a catastrophic climate change happening on our Earth. That doesn’t mean you should abandon your green methods or give up hope — but it’s important to know that while you may opt to skip the plastic straw, this change is simply not enough.

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