3M recognizes EcoSource!

3M Shoutout

Proud moment! One of our largest clients, 3M, recognized EcoSource and the outstanding service delivered by their cleaning crew in their monthly magazine! What an honor! Keep up the great work, Jorge Varela and your crew!!

3M Shout Out

EcoSource Happy Customers and 2015 Q2 Preferred Vendor

PV of the Quarter

Congratulations, Victor Medina & your entire crew (Hi-Detail Cleaning serving Framingham and surrounding cities)! You have won the title Preferred Vendor of the Quarter!

You continue to go above and beyond for your customers & co-workers! We all love working with you! Please enjoy the package of Green Seal Certified cleaning products for Casey EMI – they should be delivered with in the week!

PV of the Quarter

Thank you to all our customers for the opportunity to clean their facilities and for their kind words and testimonials.  It makes our job that much more fulfilling.

Casey LogoSpecial thanks to Casey EMI, our provider of Green Seal Certified cleaning products for providing a great prize package to our preferred vendor of the quarter!

Is it really clean or does it just look clean?

3M Clean Trace


3M Clean TraceEcoSource has added 3M’s CleanTrace Luminometers to our arsenal of tools!  CleanTrace allows us to test surfaces for invisible contamination.  We are now able to monitor the effectiveness of our cleaning processes based on scientific data.   If your cleaning service is using a white glove to test their effectiveness then you should consider a vendor who is using the latest technology to provide you with a cleaner and