Green Halloween Candy & Treats for a Sustainable October

Pre-wrapped halloween candy in a bowl.

Years ago, it was the norm to go trick or treating and get an unwrapped candy apple or homemade piece of candy. Nowadays, single-wrapped candies are the norm, and unwrapped candy goods are often shunned in the name of children’s safety. While you as a parent are likely checking your children’s candy for anything amiss (and taking your tax off the top), you do have to wonder what happens to all of those little plastic candy wrappers after the season is over.

Unfortunately, all of those little tiny wrappers are often too small to be recycled and have to go in the trash. While candy producers like Mars Wrigley and Ferrara are committed to having sustainable packaging by 2025 (and Hershey’s by 2030), you still wonder if there’s more you can do now. If you’re upset by the amount of single-use plastic waste this contributes to landfills like we are, you can instead shop for more green-friendly candy wrapped treats. Here are a few to consider:

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