Cleaning & Preparing for the Holidays during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Two hands that say Keep Clean

Whether you’re leaving for a long vacation from work or looking to prep your home for some safe holiday celebrations, chances are you’re going to need to do a little cleaning before you start or after you’re done (and you come back to work). Here are some great tips to help you combat the COVID-19 pandemic and keep your home or office as free of the virus as you can.

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Protecting Urinals from COVID-19

Black and white urinals

We know that hand driers can spread germs, but what about the simple act of flushing a urinal? Recent studies have found that COVID-19 is present in an infected person’s urine. This urine can potentially spread COVID-19.  While toilets have been found to spread viruses when contaminated urine becomes aerosolized and inhaled, urinals are at a much higher risk due to the “splashback” effect when flushing.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can minimize or prevent the dreaded “splashback” and protect the health of urinal users.

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Tips for cleaning your cell phone

iPhone sitting on a table

Our phones are one of the dirtiest items we come in contact with day to day, and one of the least often cleaned items we own. We scowl at door handles and restaurant menus, but we bring our phones with us to the bathroom, tote them around with us everywhere else we go, and are constantly playing with them. The truth is that cell phones have more germs than a toilet seat! One study found over 25,000 bacteria per square inch on a cell phone. With COVID-19 on the rise, it’s going to be important to start cleaning these devices. But how do you clean them without damaging them?

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