Should You Steer Clear of Shared Workspaces?

Person sitting at a shared office space using a computer

Coworking is on the rise, especially since the pandemic has forced so many people into less than ideal work from home situations. Productivity can really take a hit when you’re suddenly surrounded by pets, piles of laundry, children — distractions of all kinds abound, which is why opting for a shared workspace can seem like a smart idea.

For a number of reasons, it very well might be; however, when it comes to germs and cleanliness, there are a few hotspots in a shared workspace that are best avoided. 

If you can’t avoid them, at least be prepared with the proper products —  hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, disinfectant spray… whatever you need to help protect your health while you’re working. 

Skip these Spots at Your Shared Workspace

Even if you bring your own laptop and mouse with you to a coworking or shared workspace, there are other spots you should recognize as breeding grounds for germs of all sorts. 

Most of them concern food and beverages, so the easiest solution might be to pack whatever snacks or drinks you think you’ll need to muscle through your day. 

You’ll want to be mindful of any working surface or desk you decide to use. 

Here’s a filthy fun fact: recent research shows that desks are at least 400 times dirtier than toilet seats. Pro-tip: reach for that disinfectant spray before you set up shop for the day. 

Other common hotspots include door knobs, light switches, refrigerator door and microwave handles, water coolers, vending machines, and the blessed coffee maker handle. 

We’re not saying that shared workspaces are a bad idea; we get the appeal and want to empower everyone to enjoy them while protecting their health in the process. 

The best offense when it comes to germ warfare is routine hand washing so, whether you access any of the germ magnets above or not, keeping your hands clean throughout the day should go a long way to keeping you safe and sound. 

Of course, routine commercial cleaning for your shared workspace should always be a priority, which is why we invite you to contact us when you’re ready to invest in a healthier workspace. 

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